Enterprise Storage OS for High Availability 

Open-E On- & Off-site Data Protection

Ensures Business Continuity in a High Availability Cluster
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Built on Linux and ZFS File System

Offers Superior Stability and Performance.
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Cloud Storage

Build your backend cloud storage with JovianDSS
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Storage Centralization with Fibre Channel

High speed technology for SAN Enterprise storage.
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Protecting Your Critical Assets Using High Availability System Cluster

Enterprise Software Defined Storage

Open-E JovianDSS provides unlimited options to architect HA storage environments with SMB/CIFS, NFS and iSCSI protocols. It is the answer to almost any storage requirement, either as a single node, a virtualized HA setup or a Big Data cluster environment. Open-E JovianDSS High Availability Clusters with Ethernet, SAS or Fibre Channel connections ensure reliability and redundancy by eliminating single points of failure. 

The Standard HA Cluster Feature Pack enables High Availability for two server nodes connected to a single storage with one or more JBODs.

  • HA supported protocols: iSCSI, SMB, NFS, FC
  • Supported SSD/HDD disks: SAS, FC

With the Advanced Metro HA Cluster Feature Pack you can achieve High Availability for two server nodes with storage mirror over Ethernet of up to 50 miles (80km), using a storage at each location (Dual Storage).

  • HA supported protocols: iSCSI, SMB, NFS, FC
  • Supported SSD/HDD disks: SAS, FC, SATA
  • Advanced feature: Site-to-Site Mirror over Ethernet

High Availability Cluster with multiple JBODs over SAS or FC

A High Availability Cluster with multiple JBODs over SAS or FC with Open-E JovianDSS is a typical cluster setup where the communication between nodes as well as the data transfer is based on two server heads connected to a common storage with one or more redundant JBODs. Depending on what kind of performance, availability, flexibility and costs is demanded, a-users can set up such a cluster by means of a SAS connection, or with Fibre Channel (FC).

A HA Cluster with JBODS over SAS/FC prevents Single Points of Failure (SPOF) as the drives are being mirrored between JBODs. Strictly speaking, all hard drives on one node are shared with the other node, by means of a direct connection of HDDs to both nodes. Furthermore, the solution can be made even more resistant to failure thanks to multipath connections. In both SAS and FC cases, the system can easily be scaled up by adding extra JBODs in parallel, or as a chained setup.

In order to set up a HA Cluster with multiple JBODs over SAS or FC, it is required to purchase the Open-E JovianDSS Standard HA Cluster Feature Pack.

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Disaster Recovery with one server 

Open-E JovianDSS On- & Off-site Data Protection prevents data loss and data corruption already when only a single system is used. This includes human error, virus attacks or unreadable data from an unscheduled shutdown. By means of retention plans, snapshots are automatically created to meet any Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), customized to the user’s needs.

Even though this doesn’t protect the data from disasters such as theft, fires or floods, it grants instant access to previous states of the data. When a file was mistakenly deleted or modified, it can be restored instantly and the same applies to virtual machines or a complete NAS server.

For complete data security, at least two systems need to be used: one for production and one at an off-site location for backup.

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Cloud Storage for Secure File Sharing

Cloud storage can be an essential solution, especially in times where the need for sharing and syncing files between various devices is growing every day. Explore the benefits and requirements of Cloud solutions with Open-E software.

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