Enterprise Storage OS for High Availability 

Two-node Hyper-converged Solution

Hyper-converged Storage for SMBs and small enterprises.

Generally speaking, Hyper-converged Storage is the combination of computing, networking and storage in one unified hardware platform. Using commodity HDDs and solid state drives, the Software-defined Infrastructure automatically takes care of the storage and virtualization. The hardware platform is normally based on cheap x86 hardware which can be easily and cost-effectively scaled to growing requirements for performance and storage space.

Therefore, such solutions are ideal for data centers and medium to big enterprises. Hyper-converged Infrastructures easily handle big amounts of data as well as the simulation of lots of virtual machines. Especially MSPs long for this solution, since they want to have the highest degree of automation and the least effort on their side. However, what if small and medium businesses or small enterprises want to take advantage of a Hyper-converged Infrastructure?

In most cases, it would be unreasonable to invest in a Hyper-converged Infrastructure when the requirements are ordinary. The typical Hyper-converged Environment starts with 3 to 4 nodes and is consequently oversized for smaller installments. But with Open-E JovianDSS it is possible to create a Hyper-converged Storage with any hypervisor and only two servers!

In a typical scenario, two physical servers are setup using any hypervisor certified with Open-E JovianDSS. The software is installed as a virtual machine on each node and exports the storage space into the virtual and physical network. Open-E JovianDSS runs in a virtual environment just as well as in a physical one and combines the advantages of both worlds!